Femdom isn't just about making sexy content to torment my submissives.
That's the most fun part, of course, but I've always wanted it to be more holistic.
Guiding submissives and mentoring them as they delve deeper into the Female Domination Lifestyle is something I started doing in the dungeon, back when I used to work as a Pro-Domme, and it's something I'm endeavouring to continue in this digital incarnation.
There's formal mentorship, of course - - structured submissive training.
However, that's naturally quite exclusive, both in terms of financial and time investment.
I realize that this may make it out of reach for many eager subs.
So I thought I'd take extracts from my submissive training processes, all carefully honed and extensively field-tested, both in the dungeon and online, and condense the most important, foundational aspects of submissive training into free resources.
Watch this space, and use these resources to the best of your ability, so you can be a good boy for me.

Locktober Calendar 2023

A month-long calendar for my submissives to follow ...
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Submissive Affirmations

Whether you recite these affirmations first thing in the morning, to orient yourself for the day, or you use them to heighten the impact of my content by priming yourself prior to watching my videos, these affirmations act like mantras: over time, they become anchors for you to easily and automatically summon your submissive self to the surface of your psyche ...
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Aftercare Audio

Listen to this Aftercare audio after each time you watch my clips. Listen multiple times, and make it part of your daily routine ...
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