Aftercare Audio

Why is Aftercare Important in BDSM Femdom

Were you a good boy for Goddess Leda?

Did you do your best to be obedient?

Was it overwhelming, because you surrendered to my dominance completely?

Excellent. Now, your submissive training doesn't end there. Being so completely owned by me, you now need a way to process your emotions, to contextualize your submission, and most importantly, to float gently through the dreamy, comfortable haze of sub-space until you come out the other side, a better submissive for your Mistress in every way.
Aftercare is what enhances the emotional intimacy and impact of every BDSM scene. It's a space where you, as my submissive, can find a safe refuge for your vulnerability. In neurological terms, if the Femdom session corresponds to a massive release of dopamine, Aftercare is the soft, cocooning flood of oxytocin, creating a soothing environment for you to experience the complete release of submission.

For submissives, it’s always best to be in the hands of their Mistress when they’re feeling subdued and vulnerable. It’s part of the emotional and psychological care, because Femdom isn't just about sadism, it's also about the deep emotional bond that develops between the Domina and her slave.There's a lot of emotion in all aspects of BDSM, and it's something that needs to be acknowledged and nurtured, to be able to form a meaningful relationship.

Here, in my hands, you will find that soothing environment.

Remember that Aftercare is a reward for being a good boy, so you must only listen to this Aftercare audio every day that you're a good submissive for your Goddess. Listen multiple times, and make it part of your daily routine.

Listen To Mistress Leda's Pro-Domme Aftercare Audio

I was surprised how deeply it affected me…

Usually, once I’ve come for you, I need a moment to collect myself but listening to your wonderful voice helped me calm down even better and made me want to submit to you even further!

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