As an online Pro-Domme, I'm often asked about my journey, from being a Domina working at a Dungeon to recording Dominatrix clips. Here's a quick bio.

Working In A Dungeon As A Professional Dominatrix

Being a Pro-Domme in a BDSM dungeon was exciting at first. I learnt a lot about men, their desires, their fetishes. But after a while, it started to feel like factory work... Fetishistic men visiting my secret lair, one after another, in rotation. Their focus was completely on the physical elements (CBT, spanking, trampling, pegging, humiliating tasks, etc) and there was no time left for building a psychological D/s relationship. It wasn't fulfilling anymore. It was rather draining instead. So I decided to take a break. Maybe it was just burnout from accepting too many sessions per day?

My First FLR (Female Led Relationship)

I fell into a Female-Led Relationship quite by chance. I started talking to this guy on the internet. He was funny, charismatic, and a true gentleman. As time went on, generosity turned into submission, and we developed an exhilarating and romantic power exchange. Without even meeting each other in person!
I realised that the physical aspects are not at all necessary for a fulfilling femdom relationship. Getting into his head with my words, with my voice, with my commands was more intense than anything I ever felt before. And the feeling was mutual. I believe that not having the option for physical touch made our psychological and emotional connection even stronger. I learnt that physical connection is only an embellishment, an enhancement, not the foundation to build on.

Finding A Thriving Femdom Space On The Internet

After I left the Dominatrix studio and delved more into psychological domination over the world wide web, I stumbled across BDSM blogs, kink forums, and fetish porn... hmmm... Fetish porn? It immediately clicked. And my femdom clip creator journey began.
Through my femdom videos, I can explore topics that would get overlooked in an in-person session. In fact, this way, I can experiment with MY desires, and allow men to follow me, instead of them coming to me with a long list of requests and demands. Isn't Female Domination about men serving the woman's desires, after all?

Affordable Dominatrix Sessions For All

Posting fetish clips also allows me to make my Domina sessions available to more people. Instead of you having to pay hundreds of dollars for a play date with me, you can buy dozens of kinky videos and enjoy my video sessions on a daily basis. This way I can train my loyal submissives properly, without them having to break the bank.
And as I can offer my services to many submissive viewers at once, all over the world, I receive a lot more feedback which helps me grow as a Domme at an exponential rate.

Discovering New Fetishes Never Stops

I found that people are more comfortable ordering a custom video online about their weirdest fetish than showing up in person and sharing their deepest, most secret fantasies with a stranger. This way, I got to learn about fetishes I'd never even heard of! Such as Giantess and Vore Fetish, Executrix-fantasy, and even the words Gooning and Edging were new to me. (Edge-play in the dungeon was more about hard play, such as reaching the edge of passing out from breath play.)
And another bonus for subs: A video can be re-watched and enjoyed multiple times, while an in-person playtime is a one-time event when the submissive might get so overwhelmed with emotions that he forgets a big portion of the rendezvous.

Training New Submissives Is A Bliss

I love that by making videos, I can take my relationships with my submissives at my own pace. Getting to know them, and their fascinations, discovering their boundaries bit by bit, before jumping into a full BDSM date. At the moment, I have no desire to have sessions with strangers online, or in person. I’m not against the idea of in-person meetings, but I like to build things, and the foundation for that is a strong emotional and psychological connection. If I find a dedicated salve who’s willing to dive deep into his submission and serve me long-term, I might consider an arrangement for occasional or regular dates. If you’ve been enjoying my videos for a while and you’d like to receive individualised training, feel free to reach out to me, and tell me about what drew you to me. I'd love to start an adventure with a new submissive, teaching him my ways, building trust, and allowing him into my lustful world.

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