Privacy Policy

Data Collection

We do not use any 3rd party tracking or analytics services, so your activity on stays with us (and your ISP). We use open source Piwik web analytics platform to measure usage on our website, which is hosted on our servers. Piwik is used to analyze in aggregate information about our website visitors. When your web browser loads a page on our site, a small snippet of JavaScript code is executed within your browser which submits information such as your browser user-agent, language, screen resolution, referring website, and a subset of your IP address (first 3 octets). We do not use cookies to track your usage or behaviour.

When You Contact Us

We only require an Email address when you contact us with a request, so we know where and how to respond to you.

Contact Requests

Since we store the bare minimum for a customer to actually use our services, any request for user data would yield nothing of value. As we do not store any historical logs on who used which IP address, and since IPs are shared by dozens/hundreds of people at any given moment, we cannot tie any activity to a specific person or persons.