Submissive Affirmations

Affirmations for Mistress Leda's submissives

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An Introduction to Affirmations in Female Domination

Even the most obedient submissive needs to continually keep reminding himself of his most important goals and values.
In Femdom, submissive affirmations are a time-tested way for male slaves to keep themselves on track. Whether you recite these affirmations first thing in the morning, to orient yourself for the day, or you use them to heighten the impact of my content by priming yourself prior to watching my videos, these affirmations act like mantras: over time, they become anchors for you to easily and automatically summon your submissive self to the surface of your psyche.

Femdom Affirmations and Deep Identity Level Change

BDSM affirmations allow you to quickly and easily transform your beliefs, thoughts and actions, continuing to make you a better submissive everday.
Being a submissive isn’t easy, and there are a lot of struggles.
This is because you’re gradually allowing yourself to be someone quite different from the 'You' that society expects you to be.
As part of your transformation and development, you need to accept and do whatever your Mistress may ask of you in order to become your true self.
BSDM is not just about the body, but about your whole self.
You need to be in an open, receptive and accepting state of mind to become the person you want to be and serve your Mistress better.
As you continue developing your submissive personality, you are constantly making changes and improvements and practicing BDSM affirmations will help you with this.
If you are serious about becoming your Mistress's perfect slave, these BDSM affirmations will help you to embrace the changes you'll need to make.

Why and How Femdom Affirmations Work

In my experience, BDSM affirmations are a powerful way to get a sub male's mind in the right state to accept and allow the changes he wants to make.
Affirmations help you get your mind into the right state for submission, by making the submissive focus on core values and beliefs that move them forward.
This is particularly evident when it comes to newbie submissives - - they're often conflicted in their beliefs about femdom.
Even though they know they're meant to be submissive, they keep second-guessing and doubting themselves, blocking them from enjoying their sessions with their Domina.
This is where Femdom affirmations become useful.
When you use them, you are consciously aware of the words and phrases you are thinking and then sending to your subconscious.
When you think the same words over and over, you are rewiring your mind and creating new neural connections that will make it easier to take action in the future.
Your subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between reality and imagination, so when you’re visualizing and speaking to yourself, the submissive affirmations are going to become reality.
They aren’t going to be lies or false ideas in your head because you will be doing them regularly and with conviction (this is why you must pair your affirmations with submissive actions).
And the more you use these affirmations, the more you'll be able to streamline your submissive identity and come to terms with it, so you can enjoy your sessions even more.


I love repeating my submissive mantras for you!

After we started talking, I naturally started my own daily affirmation for you. Just a standard... "I am so thankful for Goddess Leda, she owns me completely." or "I will accept her and serve here in any way, shape or form" And then I went to your website again and saw you had affirmations for us subs already...I liked mine, but I love yours even better!

I really enjoy how your site switches up the affirmations subtly each time I go in.

Keeps it fresh.

Repeating these affirmations helps to keep my mind clear and focused.

I woke up in my cage, squirming and rolling around in my bed so aroused with thoughts of you, my Goddess. Wishing so much to touch, to be able to get that magical release, but instead having to harness all that pent-up energy, curling up my feet and tensing the muscles in my quads while rolling around my bed with soft little whimpers of desire, but loving that feeling of my cock pressing up against my little cage knowing you completely own me. Instead of touching I gravitated to my morning affirmations proclaiming my devotion to you setting the tone for the day: That I would perform at my best because to do otherwise would be a disservice to you.

Worshipping you gives me strength.

Another positive day emotionally and spiritually as I woke up with you, my Goddess, on my mind. I again, started the day with Goddess affirmations.