Mistress Leda, Goddess Leda, Princess Leda, Queen Leda... I expect you to use a suitable honorific with my name to show your submission.
No baby, no cutie, no dear, nor pet names of any kind.
Address me with respect.
If you're uncomfortable with using those titles for any reason, you can call me Miss Leda or Ms Leda.
I understand if you're a masochist/fetishist who doesn't identify as a submissive, or using a title means a lot to you, and you only want to use them when you're owned, but I still expect you to be respectful and address me as a Domme.

Proper grammar and spelling show that you put thought and effort into your letter.
If you want me to take you seriously, read through your writing before hitting send.
But what if your spelling is not that great?
Or you're not a native English speaker and have trouble with grammar?
I suggest using Grammarly.
It's completely free, and only takes a minute to check for mistakes and correct them.


If you're interested in custom content, visit my CUSTOM CONTENT page.

Compliments are most appreciated in TIP NOTES.
I usually send out emails once a week to help you learn more about me, my views on BDSM, my domination style, my expectations, and my desires.

This newsletter is a two-way street, I encourage my readers to reply to my letters and share their insights with me.
I read every single email I get, and often reply to the ones that feel serious and productive to create a real D/s dynamic between us.

So, would you like to serve me? My letters will tell you how.

Would you like a more personal relationship with me? Read my letters and follow my instructions.


Did you message me and haven't received a reply?
Be patient.
Any attention from Goddess Leda is a gift and a blessing.
My time is precious and my energy even more so.
But if you think I forgot about you or missed your message, try to get my attention with a tribute.
Most likely, I've seen your letter but didn't find it enticing enough to reply to.
So try again and try harder.

If you submitted a custom content request on my website and you haven't received a response within 3 days, send me another letter as a follow-up.