Testimonials and Reviews

Some Reviews from my Good Boys...

A great reminder of my humiliation by you.

My skin still smells like shit and from my WAM experiences in the past, this will last for another one or two days. It serves as a great reminder of my humiliation by you.
- for Wet & Messy Assignment 2

Absolutely mind blowing!

It was a fun time with so much humiliating aspects and brain-melting content.
- for Pindick Porn Addict

Another Gem.

Thanks for teasing us subs and keeping us aroused....I particularly enjoyed when you let us see those pretty panties. And I have had a spit and drool fetish for years so I watched multiple times and paused to gaze and dream about that lil bit of spit you let slip between your lips. I wish I could lick it up for you.
- for Mini Skirt Tease & Denial

Every time while watching the clip tears start to drip out of my eyes because I try to be a good girl for you.

I bought a realistic looking dildo to be a good girl for you and it's SO humiliating to lick and suck a dick in front of you. Every time I try to gag deeper on it, but I never made it to the base before, my gag reflex was triggered. I got it really deep down but it's so huge. I would absolutely love to suck a real man's dick in front of you in real life even if I'm not into men and maybe especially because I'm not into men. I have never done it but it would be so hot in front of you. I love your lingerie in this video and the look of your bare feet. I ABSOLUTELY love the pose where you lie on your stomach and I can see your body and ass.
- for Cock Whore Training

Everything is just hazy obedience to whatever you say.

I love the way you're completely stretched out and relaxed on your bed, and teasing us with the idea of dating you and being our girlfriend. Your words and body immediately make my head swirl, and when I re-watch it (like I did last night 😅), the last thing I tend to remember is the sound of humming or binaural beats in the background, and everything after that is just hazy obedience to whatever you say.
- for Mesmerized Into Obsession

Feeling so safe here.

Not quite a virgin, but my love life so lacking, might as well be...that said, it so satisfying to find Goddess....feels so safe here.
- for Fall In Love With Me, Virgin

Got left with crying and blue-balled.

- for Edge Your Little Dick For Me

Hearing you mercilessly mock me for that is just incredible.

The fact that you know I am such a loser that I fuck a pocket pussy when I am not fucking my fingers is so, so shameful!
- for Pindick Porn Addict

Hypnosis is my top fetish, and I've enjoyed your 'Mesmerization' videos more than anything else out there.

- for Don't Cum Fall In Love With Me, Virgin Mesmerized Into Obsession Magnetic Eyes

I absolutely loved the variety of tasks and humiliation in this clip. It was very intense.

- for Pindick Porn Addict

I actually shed a tear towards the end. Thank you Mistress Leda for allowing me to edge and dream of you.

- for Goon To My Face

I adore how gentle you are in your videos.

You don't raise your voice even when degrading me or instructing me to smack my balls. You wield your power softly, but are no less powerful for it. Irresistible, unstoppable, but gentle, like the tide.
- for Stroke It - Punch It - Ruin It

I always love it when you call my dick a shrimp dick and this is the right video for this fetish.

The clip is a parade of loser symbols, middle fingers and shrimp dick symbols triggering me and my little cock. You are so authentic in this clip and I can see that you are so happy when you humiliate slaves for their little dicks. Thank you so much for recording this clip. I absolutely love it!
- for Pindick Porn Addict

I am so grateful for the enormous love you provide.

Mistress Leda, I am so grateful for the enormous love you provide, me, your obedient one will gladly submit to all your whims, desires and impulses to fuel this feeling that one cannot just simply get from the vanilla life.
- for Fall In Love With Me, Virgin

I could spend eternity just listening to the Princess flirting with her man :*(

- for Texting Him While Ignoring You